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Richard M. Costa III  |  |  Charlotte, NC



Longwood University
Honors Program.
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design
Minor: Computer Science




2014–2015  |  Tattoo Projects Advertising Agency  |  Charlotte, NC
Senior Freelance Graphic Designer/Senior Graphic Designer

  • Design and concepting: promotional campaigns, catalogs, sales tools, web presence assets, 

    billboards, point of purchase graphics, event signage, promotional products, logos, etc.

2008–Present  |  Self-Employed  |  VA/NC
Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Freelance design, photography, and illustration for businesses, friends, family, and community

  • Local business/event marketing: branding, identity packages, infographics, brochures, flyers, 

    tradeshow materials, Presentations, e-mails, product photography, etc.


2012–2013  |  CustomInk  |  McLean, VA
Expert Production Art Development Coordinator

  • Continued to produce high quality custom artwork for clients in the form of screen printed and digitally printed promotional/event products

  • Provided intensive 4-week training courses in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for new artists

  • Created and maintained training, technical, artistic, and guideline resource material for a team of over 40 graphic artists while upholding company’s brand guidelines

  • Collaborated with leaders from other intra-office teams to improve & create guidelines and policies that would streamline workflow and provide an outstanding customer experience

  • Tested, documented, optimized, and helped deploy Adobe Creative Cloud to a team of over 150 graphic/production artists in multiple locations across the U.S.

  • Established myself as a go-to person for many technical and art related questions amongst multiple departments within the company

  • Closely tracked art team’s productivity and quality of work trends to improve processes, training, and artistic development

  • Testing and implementing large scale digital asset and font management systems for art teams


2009–2012  |  CustomInk  |  McLean, VA
Expert Production Artist

  • Created and adjusted custom client artwork for digital/screen printing with perpetual consideration for aesthetics, printability, and customer feedback

  • Tested, documented, optimized, and helped deploy a new platform of Apple computers to multiple teams of artists, which led to a 15% increase in productivity across teams

  • Aided in the enhancement of printability, aesthetics, and kerning of CustomInk’s fonts



Adobe Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Bridge
Additional Software: MS Office, Font Explorer, Font Creator, Vector Magic, Confluence, WebDAM
Other Skills: digital photography and editing, drawing, print making, vinyl cutting, Mac/PC technical support, digital asset/font management, basic HTML/CSS



Longwood University Honors Program
Incite: Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship
Received Bishop Scholarship for excellence in art




Available Upon Request

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