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Mac's Tie Downs

Simple, clean, effective. This initial print campaign gained a lot of recognition among automotive publications. With all the clutter and energy packed into every other page, why not step back and admire the beauty of engineering? A clear reflection of the Detroit Speed promise of quality, performance, and style. Every build that rolls out of this shop is not only an award-winning marvel of American muscle, but is also ready to hit the track and lay down some serious laps.

Detroit Speed also needed help with giving their event presence a makeover. Dozens of product displays were measured and wrapped. Backlit walls, outdoor awnings, and dealer displays were all skinned in brand livery and sent across the country to races, car shows, and tradeshows. 

Sales tools were also developed for the event teams including product flyers, a full-scale catalog, and promotional handouts. For a little added fun, I designed and illustrated a custom coloring book of the company's previous vehicle builds. The youngsters (and the young-at-heart) broke out their art supplies for some friendly social media coloring contests.

Coloring Book 7.jpg

There was also an opportunity to tell the story of an award-winning build from concept to completion via a custom print piece. The tri-fold traveled the country with the vehicle detailing the build process as it swept podiums including the prestigious SEMA Battle of the Builders.

Credits-Detroit Speed.jpg
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